Domestic violence cases are often difficult. The circumstances surrounding such charges are often emotionally and psychologically complex. Facing criminal charges under such sensitive circumstances can leave a person overwhelmed and confused as to how to proceed. We understand the complexity of a domestic violence case and are equipped to defend you with the utmost respect and with your best interest in mind.

In Washington, prosecuting attorneys take domestic violence cases very seriously. Domestic violence charges may be prosecuted even if the accuser later recants the allegations. The accuser does not need to be a current spouse, fiancée or someone you currently live with. A former spouse, a person you lived with in the past, a parent of your child, or anyone you dated in the past can file a domestic violence report against you.

The degree of abuse or the level of injury to the alleged victim will typically determine the penalty for the domestic violence related charges. Domestic violence charges can carry prison time, jail time, probation, and community service as well as batterer treatment and parenting classes. If convicted of domestic violence, the conviction will appear on your permanent criminal record and can appear on routine background checks. You may also lose your gun rights if convicted of domestic violence charges.

As former prosecutors, our attorneys are knowledgeable in how domestic violence cases are handled in the prosecuting attorney’s office and by the court. In many cases, it may be of benefit for your attorney to contact the prosecutor before a filing decision is made. This allows your defense attorney to give the prosecutor who makes the filing decision a better picture of the circumstances, which lead to police involvement. If you or a loved one have been arrested on domestic abuse charges call to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.